Frequently asked questions

What is the process to set things up?

Getting started is easy and fast. Our process includes the following steps:

Connect your audience - we support Airtable, CSV upload, and more
Set your matching criteria (ie. how would you like to form matches) - 1:1 vs. groups, match based on similar interests, industry etc.
Schedule your matching/intro campaign - use our templates to create personalized messages

Check out the product page for more info!

What is the experience like for end users? Do they need to login to a new platform?

All communication will be sent via email (or messaging platform of your choice, e.g Slack).

Can I preview and edit the matches before they are sent out?

Absolutely! Our robust algorithm eliminates the need to spend time checking matches, but we understand you might want to take a look under-the-hood. We can easily add some additional buffer between when the matches are made to when the introductions are sent out so you can review/modify matches.

How do you use our data?

We have the highest standards for data protection and privacy. We only use your community data for matching purposes. We will not sell your data.

Learn more by checking our our privacy policy.

Did we miss your question? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help out.