Connections for
events & conferences.

Hosting a conference, event, or meetup? Our attendee connections engineer serendipity that will leave people talking about your event for months; and asking when the next one is!


How event organizers utilize Covalent


Pre-event Introductions

Get people engaged faster by introducing them to relevant peers before they arrive to your event.

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Breakout Groups

Have attendees stay productive during your events by creating personalized affinity groups for activities and discussion.

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Networking Programs

Keep your members interested after events by creating valuable connections with their peers with customizable networking programs between events.

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How Covalent is helping event organizers

"With Covalent, we connect new members during onboarding to create a buddy system for our entrepreneurs. Additionally, we facilitate monthly 1:1 introductions based on what our startups need help with, how they can help others, and their industry and stage of growth. Covalent does all of this automatically by integrating into our existing systems and processes, and without the need for any manual intervention. Collaborating with Covalent to add this value to our membership was quick and easy, and saved us months of development time that would have been required to achieve a similar outcome."

Bruce Lunnis