Connections for
courses & schools.

Match students into squads, masterminds, or other accountability groups. Have them meet the peers they’re similar to; and give them the best educational experience they've ever had.


Use-cases for this group


Student Onboarding

Welcome new students efficiently by automatically connecting them with likeminded peers.

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Accountability Partners

Keep students accountable and engaged by matching them with relevant peers and monitoring their progress though our analytics (?)

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Mentorship Programs

Help students develop valuable skills and broaden their interests by creating personalized mentor-mentee relationships.

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Specific features that impact

"With Covalent, we connect new members during onboarding to create a buddy system for our entrepreneurs. Additionally, we facilitate monthly 1:1 introductions based on what our startups need help with, how they can help others, and their industry and stage of growth. Covalent does all of this automatically by integrating into our existing systems and processes, and without the need for any manual intervention."

Bruce Lunnis