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Drive member engagement, growth, retention, and NPS with ease. We help your members create meaningful connections in groups of any size and field.


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Member Onboarding

Welcome new members by automatically connecting them with likeminded people to give them a one of a kind experience.

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Keep members productive and engaged by matching them into groups based on ()

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Create lasting relationships for your members at scale by connecting them with relevant peers based on a variety of criteria.

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Why community leaders trust Covalent

"Working with Covalent has been excellent. Their experienced team has a customized approach to find the best solutions that meets our needs (at scale). Every month, we use Covalent to connect thousands of startup founders in our global community, based on criteria set by us. All this is done automatically, and we get loads of positive feedback from our members as a result. Covalent is helping our members become more engaged with everything else we do at Startup Grind."

Naman Jain