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Create memorable experiences where it counts: new hire
onboarding, DEI discussions, peer learning, community building, and more.

10,000+ people making new connections at
10,000+ users making new connections

Curated matches for meaningful connection

Build lasting relationships by intelligently introducing people based on background, experience, interests and whatever other factors are meaningful to your team.

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Scale belonging with personalization

Effortlessly make introductions without losing your personal touch. Automatically send messages that look and sound like you (use your own voice, branding, and email address).

We support Email, Slack, Discord and other popular services.


Understand your team

Measure impact and get consolidated feedback from your team. Gain key insights about your member's engagement to make informed decisions and work on what matters most.

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Welcome new members with onboarding experience personalized to their role, interests and working style. Drive engagement faster with no extra work for you.

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Expand networks and share knowledge more efficiently by pairing your employees with relevant 1:1 and group matches.

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Motive learning & development by employees accountable from anywhere and matching them with customizable groups; and monitor their progress through our analytics tools.

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Build impactful mentor/mentee relationships by connect people based on everything from interests and personality to their strengths, weaknesses and role at work.

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“They effortlessly match and introduce our members based on background, interests and other factors that make for valuable connections.”

Brian Nichols, Venture Partner
@ Hustle Fund

“Covalent does all of this automatically by integrating into our existing systems and processes, and without the need for any manual intervention.”

Bruce Lunnis, Head of Engineering
@ Startup Grind

“I saw hundreds of people, with similar interests and passions meet up for coffees, lunches and Zoom calls all over the country”

Michael Madrid, Executive Director